LFOD Radio Shoot with Samuel Patrick & Sergia Dupoux


In July 2017, I had a team to help execute this branding shoot for founder of LFOD Radio and local artist, Samuel Patrick. The photographer was Sergia Dupoux and I was the Creative Director and Stylist. We were able to find a drum set, because our client actively played the drum when he was younger but now he is a Boston-based radio personality as well as lyricist.

When I have styling consultations, I make sure it is kind of like a psychological interview to find out what type of setting that we want to portray for the potential client. For Samuel, he wanted to keep a serious and dark demeanor but also have clean photos that would still highlight his personality. This is why we picked the grungy location plastered with graffiti and destructed walls with a drum set as a resourceful prop.

I dressed him in a local brand called Ministry of Supply , that was founded by former MIT students. It is awesome to show support to local brands, movers and shakers!

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