Red Hues featuring Ballad


Blessed with angelic vocals, Ballad— a musician that hails from Brockton, MA– and I collaborated on a photoshoot with several looks.

The first look was meant to switch his style up and add patterns into his wardrobe so we went with polka dots and a leather jacket contrast. Then I added a furry pillow from HomeGoods and his personal guitar to emphasize his rockstar persona! I was thrilled to work with Alex Fort as he provided the backdrop and photography skills.


I wanted to portray Ballad as a rockstar but also keep him comfortable within his novel looks for this shoot.


Working with Ballad and Alex was a great pleasure! They both were easy to work with and the shoot was executed in such a smooth manner.



Styled and Creative Direction by Farrah Evita

Shot by Alex Fort

More looks coming soon…

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